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Prices and Ordering - Euro Guide Prices

This page is not for online ordering. To order via Paypal in pound sterling, please visit our sterling shopping cart.

The prices shown below are intended as a guide to the amount you will be invoiced if you pay in euros, as this will vary based on fluctuating exchange rates - for a firm quote, contact Globefield Press. Shipping is included.

Order by mail, fax, telephone or email. Click here to download a PDF file of the information we need. Our usual practice is to despatch the invoice and publication together. Our VAT registration no. is GB 365 8989 77.

Last Updated: 5 November, 2017

International Trade Regulation

International Trade Regulation

Print (ISSN 1357-2695)

Subscription initial year (loose-leaf binder and text plus one update)

€345 (Guide Price)


International Trade Regulation

Digital (ISSN 2049-2200)

Annual subscription (two complete editions by email)

€335 (Guide Price)

EU Anti-Dumping

EU Anti-Dumping and Trade Defence Law and Practice

Digital(ISSN 2043-7935)

Annual subscription (three complete editions by email)

€336 (Guide Price)

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