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Edmond McGovern, the author of International Trade Regulation and EU Anti-Dumping and Trade Defence Law and Practice, is an English barrister.

He has practised for many years in the field of international trade regulation at both a European and an international level. In the context of GATT and the WTO he has frequently acted as a principal legal advisor in the pursuit and defence of claims before GATT and WTO panels, and has been a member of the WTO panels that considered Section 129(c) of the US Uruguay Round Agreements Act, and Mexican tax measures on soft drinks. In addition, he advises companies and states on international trade issues and negotiations.


Peter Sutherland, who wrote the foreword to International Trade Regulation, was Director-General of GATT between 1993 and 1995, where he played a major role in securing the conclusion of the Uruguay Round agreements. He was previously Attorney-General of the Irish Republic and a member of the Commission of the European Communities.

David Perrott contributed the section on intellectual property in International Trade Regulation. For many years he held the position of Reader in the law faculty of Exeter University, England. He has been a member of the Data Protection Tribunal, and acted as a legal advisor to the Association of British Chambers of Commerce.

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