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Links to WTO and GATT dispute settlement reports, and Citations in International Trade Regulation

Click the initial letter of the defending WTO Member:

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letter B
Letter C
Letter D
Letter E
Letter F
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Letter H letteri Letter J Letter K Letter L Letter M
Letter n Letter O Letter P Letter Q Letter r Letter S Letter t Letter u Letter V Letter w Letter X Letter y Letter z

For example, for Mexico — Definitive Countervailing Measures on Olive Oil from the European Communities, click ‘M’ above.

In these pages:

Left column: short name and the full citation of case

Centre column: link to text(s) of report in WTO database (sometimes the link produces only the WTO welcome page – if so, go back to the case list page and click the link again)

Right column: sections in International Trade Regulation where case is cited

For a few GATT disputes there is no report in the database, but the relevant document can in most instances be obtained from the GATT Digital Library (use the ‘Advanced Search’ option).

Other documents relating to a particular dispute can be found at click ‘Search documents’ and then put the case number, e.g. ‘WT/DS31/R’ in the Document symbol field. 

WTO documents are now produced in Microsoft Word (DOC) and Adobe (PDF) formats, but until 1998 Wordperfect format (WPF) was used. A WPF file can usually be opened in Microsoft Word either by using the File-Open command or by ‘dragging’ the filename (e.g. from Windows Explorer) into the top margin of a Word window.

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